Sadaf Kanwal likes Asim Azhar memes after Hania Amir’s statement

Internet users had a field day trolling Asim Azhar after Hania Amir said that she is not dating the singer and that they are not more than best friends.

Many fans expressed disappointment over Hania’s clarification and thought that the actress has friendzoned Asim.

Others thought the duo had been dating for years but decided against it due to some unknown reasons.

A large number of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram users have mercilessly trolled Asim Azhar without caring much about his feelings.

Funny mems started appearing on many social media websites after Hania opened up about her relation with Asim during a live session with her friend and singer Aima Baig.

Many people were surprised to see Sadaf Kanwal’s like on one of the memes which entertainment portal Diva Magazine shared on their Instagram account.

Sadaf, a few months ago, was at the receiving end of online hate and trolling after she tied the knot with Shahroz Sabzwari.

Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz file photo

She was accused of causing the divorce between Shahroz and his former wife Syra.

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