Ushna Shah sees divine justice in DG PEMRA Haji Adam’s termination over sexual harassment

Ushna Shah was quick to react when Federal Ombudsman for protection against Harassment of Women Kashmala Tariq on Thursday dismissed PEMRA’s Director General Haji Adam for sexually harassing a female employee of the watchdog.

Haji Adam was terminated from his job and a heavy fine was also imposed on him on the complaint of a female employee.

The verdict against the Director General of PEMRA, which was recently criticized for moral policing, elicited response from Ushna Shah.

Shah, who apparently saw divine justice in the termination of Haji Adam, shared a screenshot of the news on her Instagram story and wrote, “On the count of all the hand holding scenes we do”.

She was referring to PEMRA’s recent instructions under which TV channels were asked not to air scenes which feature caressing and hugging.

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