Hamdard Pakistan Area Manager dies after job transfer

Lahore: An Area Manager at Hamdard Pakistan allegedly died after a Sales Director of the medicine company transfered him away from his home.

An email sent by the deceased, Sarfraz Ahmad, to the company’s COO requesting revocation of his job transfer has gone viral.

In his email, the employee highlighted his achievements as the Area Manager in Sahiwal before he requested that he could not afford to relocate to Bahawalpur as directed by the Sales Director.

He argued that he was a heart patient with four children whose mother had died.

He requested his boss not to transfer him because wedding of one of his daughters was due in October 2023.

He also mentioned that only 30 percent of his heart was functioning.

After receiving his emails, the company COO reportedly asked the Sales Director to show some leniency but Imran Sharif did not budge and ordered to Sarfaraz to relocate.

The screenshots of Sarfraz Ahmad’s email and the transfer order have gone viral, with hundreds of Pakistanis expressing outrage.

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