Ertugrul’s Artuk Bey seen reading Urdu text in major blunder

“Dirilis:Ertugrul” or “Ertugrul Ghazi” has broken all the viewership records in Pakistan ever since the country’s state-run TV started airing it on the directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

A large number of people have already watched the historical show on Netflix with English subtitles.

While fans have admired the show for its incredible production and story-line, they have come to the conclusion that even the masterpieces are prone to mistakes.

Ironically, one of the major mistakes made during the production is also related to Pakistan.

During the Season 4 of “Dirilis:Ertugrul” Ertugrul and his lieutenants captures Karacahisar Castle. After conquering the castle, Ertugrul asks his right hand man Artuk Bey to inspect the confidential documents found in a box inside the castle in order to find a connection between Seljuk Emir Sadettin Kopek and Governor Ares.

During this inspection, Artuk Bey is seen holding a couple of pages with Urdu language text. It was a major mistake on the part of the show runners since Urdu did not exist during Ertugrul’s era of 13th century.

The mistake is so glaring that any viewer can spot it while watching Season 4, episode 35 of Dirilis:Ertugrul.