Neymar posts intimate photos of woman who accused him of rape

Neymar posts intimate photos of woman who accused him of raping her in a Paris hotel

Hours after being accused of rape, Brazilian football star Neymar has come up with “evidence” which he hopes corroborate his claim that he didn’t force himself on a woman in a Paris hotel.

He has been accused of rape in a police report filed by a woman in Brazil.

The woman alleged that Neymar used violence to have sex with her after they were introduced to each other through social media.

In a video posted on his Instagram and Facebook accounts, Neymar denied he’d done anything improper and accused the woman of trying to extort him.

The Brazilian footballer also shared a string of messages including intimate photos of the alleged victim.

According to reports, the last messages were sent a day after the alleged assault. Name of the alleged alleged victim is briefly visible in Neymar’s feed.

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