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Charli D’Amelio remains oblivious to ‘Whammarsten’ gossip on Twitter

Charli D’Amelio remains oblivious to what folks are doing behind her back on social media as she enjoys her stardom, without reacting to rumors and gossip involving her.

Days after the social media star appeared in Chase Hudson aka Lil Huddy’s music video, a Twitter user Whammarsten posted an objectionable video claiming the clip featured Charli in an apparent effort to go viral.

A look at Twitter discussion suggests that Charli D’Amelio fans are convinced, and rightly, so that the girl in the clip is not their favorite TikToker.

Meanwhile, Charli accompanied Lil Haddy to iHeart Awards 2021 where they rubbed shoulders with the stallwarts of the music industry and the likes of Hollywood star Megan Fox.

Lil Huddy is friends with Megan’s boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly whose latest music film featured the TikToker.

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