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Did Shehzad Ghias say Sadaf Kanwal breastfed Shehroz Sabzwari?

Thousands of tweets were posted against stand up comedian Shehzad Ghias Shaikh as users accused him of hypocrisy for insulting actress Sadaf Kanwal.

His name became hashtag trend on Pakistani Twitter when users called him out for passing insulting remarks about actress Sadaf Kanwal, who recently left the internet divided by expressing her views about feminism and Pakistani women.

In a video clip taken from a podcast, Ghias is seen saying in Urdu language “Sadaf ne apna dooh pilaya Sherry ko”

While most of the people who condemned him thought the comedian said “Safad breastfed her husband”, Shehzad’s supporters defended him saying, he did not say Sadaf breastfed her husband. They said Shezad Ghias was joking about Sadaf taking care of her husband by ensuring that he drank his milk.

After receiving backlash, Shehzad took to Twitter and wrote “This is how stupid these “digital team leads” are, barely 4000-5000 people watch my videos, I am not a journalist, I don’t have a show, I am a literal nobody but by running these campaigns against me, you’re making me a somebody. For the record, I don’t want to be a somebody.”

He added, “I am quite happy in my small little corner but in an effort to even deny me that little space, you’ve amplified my voice. Not everyone is stupid. Some people will start watching the podcast themselves and decide for themselves. Youre making a story out of nothing.”

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