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Game Of Thrones finale: Trevor Noah’s comments will have you in fits of laughter

Game Of Thrones Finale

Fans are not complaining about the way Game of Thrones end last week. At least a million file a petition demanding remake of the final season of the HBO series.

A lot of people were upset about story arc of some characters they loved the most on the TV show.

There have been tens of thousands of posts on social media discussing the end of Game Of Thrones during the last week.

Seeing this social media outrage Trevor Noah, the host of “The Daily Show” has offered a remedy for those who have failed to get over the season finale of the show.

The comedian’s hilarious take on fans’ obsession about Game of Thrones will have you in fits of laughter.

Here is what Trevor Noah said on his show:

“A website is offering therapy. Therapy sessions.For people upset about the ending of “Game Of Thrones”

And let me just say-people, if you need therapy because a TV show ended, your life is too good, Ok?

I’am gonna tell you straight. You don’t need a therapist. You need some credit card debt and an STD, Ok?

Take your mind right off that series finale.

And I hope…I also hope those therapy sessions are private, right,because you are gonna look like a dick if you’r in a group therapy session and the person before you will be like “I got addicted to drugs after my wife left.”

And you go like, “OK, put a pin in that.I didn’t like Jon Snow’s story arc, Ok?”

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