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Katrina Kaif’s Latest Video Sparks Speculation of Cosmetic Nose Surgery

Bollywood Barbie doll, Katrina Kaif’s latest video has led to comparisons by social media users, speculating that she has undergone cosmetic surgery on her nose.

Actress Katrina Kaif is one of the most beautiful actresses in the showbiz industry. Thanks to her acting skills and beauty, Katrina has won the hearts of millions.

Katrina Kaif is not only a top-notch actress but also a business personality and the owner of a popular makeup brand.

She often promotes her beauty brand by featuring herself in advertisements.

Katrina Kaif’s new video has given rise to rumors about her altered nose.

Recently, she uploaded her new video on social media, which has led netizens to believe that the actress has undergone cosmetic surgery on her nose.

According to social media users, Katrina Kaif’s face appears different than before.

Commenting on this video, netizens are saying that the actress has definitely had some alterations done, especially on her nose.

One user commented on the post, asking, “What have you done to your lips and nose?”

Another user wrote, “Katrina Kaif has already undergone alterations with her lips.”

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