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Mahira Khan, Osman Khalid Butt take aim at Faysal Quraishi after blasphemy remarks on BOL News show

Actor Faysal Quraishi is under fire for his BOL News show where he is hosting a Ramadan show

Quraishi was recently called out for demanding action against people he thinks are blasphemers in front of several clerics on were invited on the show.

Filmmaker Jami Azad demanded All Pakistan Film Producers Association to ask the actor to stop what he called hate mongering.

Faiyal Quraishi defended himself for allowing a cleric to speak on a issue which had stirred violent protests in Pakistan and claimed many lives in public lynchings.

Actors Mahira Khan and Osman Khalid Butt also spoke against Faysal Quraishi in their tweets, without naming the host.

When Faysal Quraishi’s daughter defended her father on social media, some people started sharing her bold photos and dancing videos to call her out for what they called the father-daughter hypocrisy.

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