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Meaning of ONTAS and why it became Twitter trend

“ONTAS “, a Spanish slang, left thousands of people bewildered when it started trending on Twitter on April 18.

It created confusion when hundreds of fans wrote it to celebrities. Even those familiar with the language got confused and had no idea what it was all about.

ONTAS meaning?

It is actually an acronym for “where you are”, but it is also used as an innuendo.

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The word has become the most subtle way for booty call

By answering a simple question: “where you are”, you may be accepting a proposal. .

It all began when the former RBD Dulce María asked what it was about and a social media user answered with the meme.

Famous celebrities like Alejandro Sanz, Paty Cantu, Reik, Drake Bell joined the challenge by sharing the ONTAS hashtag.

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