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Mehwish Hayat reacts to smear campaign against her

Mehwish Hayat on Tuesday said she will not allow anyone to defame her name.

She was reacting to a character assassination campaign started by Major (retd) Adil Raja.

In a Twitter statement, she said, “Sasti shohrat haasil karne k liye kuch logue insaaniat k darjay se bhi girjatay hain .”

She added, “Hope you’re enjoying your two mins of fame. Just because I am an actress doesn’t mean my name can be dragged through the mud.”

Mehwish wrote, “Shame on you for spreading baseless allegations and insinuations about someone you know nothing about & even bigger shame on people who believe this bullshit. This just shows the sickness of our society that laps up this gutter journalism without any thought. But this stops & it stops now!I won’t allow anyone to defame my name.”

Mahira Khan, Kubra Khan and Sajal Ali are also the victims of the vilification campaign launched by the fugitive military officer.

Kubra Khan said she would sue Adil Raja if he does not apologize and retract his allegations.

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