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Podcaster Muzamil Hasan Zaidi trolled for leaving Pakistan after ‘promoting patriotism’

Podcast host Muzamil Hasan Zaidi is being trolled online for leaving Pakistan after selling what his critics say “senseless patriotism”.

A Twitter user wrote, “Just hilarious that the capital to move abroad came from podcasts where he promoted senseless patriotism, and continues to capitalise on that audience even though he has now jumped ship.”

Another user Ansa Tipu wrote, “The problem is with his manjan that he sold for years before PTI govt came into power, Khan as saviour and what not, he acted as their mouthpiece, worked for them and left when IK was kicked out.”

Others mocked him for calling himself an “Emirati Pakistani in his social media bio.

Hours later, Muzamil responded to online trolls in a tweet:

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