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‘Salute to Modi and IAF’: Ajay Devgn supports violation of Pak airspace

Indian actor Ajay Devgn on Tuesday took to Twitter to praise Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Indian Air Force for conducting what New Delhi claims intelligence based air raids across LoC.

The actor wrote : ” Mess with the best, die like the rest”, without realizing that the airstrikes only ended up burning some trees.

The Indian actor was trolled by Pakistani Twitter users for his remarks that endorsed his country’s decision to violate its neighbors airspace.

Anupam Kher responded to the reports of Indian Air Force intrusion into Pakistan by chanting:

Salman Khan seemed not so excited but he reacted anyway. Pakistani fans can understand his position in a country which has never been a safe place for Muslim actors

Shah Rukh Khan is silent and so is Mr perfectionist Aamri Khan . Maybe they too like their Pakistani fans and Indian liberals find it hard to believe that IAF has killed “hundreds of militants” whose bodies have yet to be found.

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