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Samra Chaudhry opens up about video scandal

Lahore: Samara Chaudhry, a Lahore-based model, recently had her private videos leaked on the Internet.

The videos have now made it to the top adult websites, with people sharing them on whatsapp groups.

The scandal followed singer Rabi Peerzada’s fiasco which saw her posing nude for cameras.

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Samra Chaudhry’s videos were different in nature since they showed her with a man pleasuring her in front of a camera.

It became so viral that otherwise conservative Pakistani media, which often ignores covering such scandals, carried reports on the scandal.

It’s been a while since the videos are making rounds on the internet, but the aspiring model and actress ,who works as a make up artist, has refrained from publicly commenting on it.

A senior journalist in Lahore recently spoke to her by telephone to seek her response.

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Speaking to the journalist, Samra Chaudhry said she had committed a mistake by indulging in such an act.

She said she regrets whatever happened and repents her sins.

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