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Stephen A. Smith Deletes Controversial Tweet About Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner

Stephen A. Smith, host of “The Stephen A. Smith Show,” recently faced criticism after posting a now-deleted tweet in which he referred to Kim Kardashian as a “prostitute” and Kris Jenner as a “pimp.” The tweet came as a result of discussing a clip from September, in which Candace Owens discussed Ray J’s claims about Kris Jenner’s alleged involvement in brokering the infamous sex tape between him and Kim Kardashian.

In the tweet, Smith teased an episode of his show that covered non-sports-related topics and mentioned Candace Owens’ thoughts on the matter. The tweet received immediate backlash, with some users, including NBA player Patrick Beverly, defending Kim Kardashian and highlighting her role as a mother.

Realizing the severity of his words, Smith promptly responded, acknowledging the mistake as a “clerical error” and stating that he does not view Kim Kardashian or any woman in such derogatory terms. He reassured his followers that the issue was being corrected.

Despite deleting the tweet, the controversy didn’t end there. The podcast episode, where Smith discussed the same topic, remained available on YouTube. During the episode, Smith seemed to lean towards somewhat agreeing with Candace Owens’ perspective, assuming Ray J’s claims were true. Notably, his sister, who was a guest on the show, also appeared to support Owens’ take.

This incident has drawn attention, as it contrasts with Stephen A. Smith’s previous public support for Kim Kardashian. The situation has sparked discussions about the responsibility of public figures in handling sensitive topics and the potential impact of their words on public perceptions.

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