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Theon Grejoy wins hearts in Game Of Thrones Season 8, Episode, 3

Theon Greyjoy won hearts in Game Of Thrones Season 8, episode 3 with his heroics

The character laid down his life while defending the place where he grew up and the people he once hurt with his villainous acts.

The last thing Theron heard before death were, “You are a good man, Theon” from Bran whom he protected as the army of the dead marched on Winterfell.

A lot of plot twists and why some of the characters survived against all odds seem to have been justified in the third episode “The Long Night” aired on Sunday.

Theron Grojoy was receiving accolades for his role in the finale battel against the Night King, the villain who terrified the the fans for years.

Fans were paying tribute to the character–who was once hated for his crimes during the earlier seasons when he turned against Starks and occupied their castle– for dying as hero while attacking Night King.

Although Night King was more than a match to him, Theron Grejoy won enough time for Arya to deal the final blow.

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