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What is the story behind “Mamun ka Beta Kamran” Twitter trend

“Mamun Ka Beta Kamran” was trending on Pakistani Twitter on Tuesday.  

People are posting hilarious memes and posts with the Urdu language hashtag but some people are unable to  understand the story behind it.

The trend apparently started when a same tweet was posted from multiple Twitter accounts.

The tweet posted in Urdu said “My uncle  son Kamran, who was imprisoned in Saudi Arabia, has been released from jail. I talked to him. He was crying and thanking Khan Sahib (Prime Minster Imran Khan)”.

The tweet came a day after Saudi Arabia decided to release over 2000 Pakistani prisoners languishing in Saudi jails.

The decision was taken by Saudi government after Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan made a personal request to Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman during his visit to Islamabad.

The tweet was apparently sent out by a user who may have been using  several Twitter accounts.

Members of political parties in Pakistan are accused of running multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts in order to set trends on social media platforms.

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