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Who is Angus Cloud’s manager, man who took advantage of actor’s condition?

Angus Cloud’s “manager” said the actor was on and off in active addiction, weeks before his death.

He said that the actor was under the influence while filming “Euphoria”.

Diomi Cordero became friends with Angus whom he met a rehab before he became his manager.

In April, Diomi Cordero claimed to have worked as Cloud’s talent manager in 2021 after the two met at a rehab clinic where he claimed Cloud was a patient at the time.

He also said that the actor owed him 60 grands.

Cordero claimed, in a string of tweets, to have witnessed the actor’s struggle with an ongoing drug addiction after he was discharged from the rehab facility.

He did not elaborate as to how he ended up being the actor’s manager while he worked as mental health technician at the rehab.

The actor’s fans have accused him of taking advantage of a vulnerable man and spilling the beans to sell information to tabloids.

Cordero alleged that Cloud had relapsed after meeting the actor — who played the drug dealer Fezco in “Euphoria” — at his home for a July 4 barbecue in 2021.

“Upon entering his premises and attempting to greet him with a hug, it became immediately apparent that he had resumed substance abuse, a mere two days after completing his treatment,” Cordero claimed.

Cordero claimed that the “situation gradually deteriorated” over the next few months and said that by November 2021, Cloud had “evidently relinquished control of his addiction.”

Cloud’s alleged former manager also said that he had received a distressing phone call from the actor’s roommate around that time.

The roommate allegedly told Cordero that the “North Hollywood” star was struggling to breathe.

Cordero then claimed to have rushed over to Cloud’s home, where he administered Narcan and performed CPR.

“Regrettably, as he regained consciousness, Angus vomited onto my face,” he tweeted.

Following the alleged incident, Cordero claimed their working relationship ended.

Cordero’s now deleted tweets have sparked speculations about his relationship with Angus Cloud, with some saying the “manager” had crush on the actor.

Others they must be lovers. Cordero has been condemned for revealing too much personal information about the actor.

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