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Amid Twitter-Threads feud, Elon Musk faces tough choice over India and Pakistan

Islamabad: Mark Zuckerberg’s launch of Threads has taken his enmity with Twitter owner Elon Musk to the next level.

Musk has accused Zuckerberg of cheating and threatened to take legal action against and the co-founder of Facebook.

The war between the two has left millions of people divided, with a large number of internet users siding with Musk while others supporting Mark for challenging the Tesla owner by launching an app which poses a serious threat to Twitter.

In the middle of their dispute, Elon Musk faces a tough choice that could affect a region, Pakistan and India, which has the total population of around 1.5 billion

Internet users in Pakistan, the nuclear armed nation which is home to more than 230 million people, are demanding authorities ban Twitter after it allegedly bloc­ked access to the government of Pakistan’s official account in Gilgit-Baltistan and chan­ged the region’s location to parts of India.

According to leading English newspaper Dawn, when users turn on the location feature on the app, tweets sent from the region are marked as originating from India-held Kashmir.

The issue came to light after several Twitter users in GB complained they were unable to access the government’s official account.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, however, dismissed the reports in a statement:

But a senior journalist associated with Dawn newspaper has rejected the regulator’s clarification.

Gilgit-Baltistan is a region administered by Pakistan as an administrative territory and consists of the northern portion of the larger Kashmir region, which has been the subject of a dispute between India and Pakistan since 1947

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