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Canadian woman hides in Islamabad mall after facing harassment

ISLAMABAD: A Canadian women had to take refuge in a mall after she was harassed and followed by two men for hours in Islamabad, local media reported on Tuesday.

Asoomii Jay alias Assma Galutta approached police to file a complaint stating that she was repeatedly harassed by  two motorists earlier this week.

According to Express Tribune, the Canadian woman maried to a Pakistani man is on a visit to raise awareness about social injustice including Islamophobia.

Assma Galutta said  a car pulled up when she was waiting for her cab to go home in Islamabad. The two men in the car started cat-calling her and asked her to sit with them.

After getting into  the cab the woman was shocked to see that the the men were following her and that pursuit continued for a couple of hours.

The men kept asking the cab driver about the destination of the Canadian woman who also filmed the episode on her mobile phone camera.

In her complaint, the Canadian woman wrote that she had to change her destination and hide in the mall until  she was sure the men were gone.

Police said they have launched an investigation after filing a case against the unknown men.

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