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Conspiracy against Army Chief General Asim Munir revealed

Islamabad: The names of former ISI chief Lt. General (retd) Faiz Hameed and Lt. General (retd) Azhar Abbas surfaced during an inquiry into a data leak involving the Gen Asim Munir’s family, according to journalist Azaz Syed who published an exclusive story on a conspiracy to block the appointment of the incumbent army chief.

The story published in Pakistan’s leading English daily The News did not mention the names of Faiz Hameed and Azhar Abbas.

Azaz Syed, who is regarded as one of the most credible Pakistani journalists, revealed in his YouTube show with Umar Cheema that the data of the army chief was used to convince Saudi Arabia that the Pakistani government was appointing a Shiite (Shia) military officer as the Chief of Army Staff.

He said that Saudis were misled into believing that the general was a Shiite and could be more inclined towards Iran.

Syed said that Saudis knew that Asim, who had worked in the Kingdom, was a Sunni Muslim but conspirators in Pakistan led them to believe that he had converted into a Shia.

He said that when Saudis approached Shehbaz Sharif to inquire about the appointment and shared the information they had received from their diplomats in Pakistan, the prime minister ordered an inquiry and informed the Saudis that they were misinformed.

Azaz Syed, a senior correspondent for Geo News, added that outcome of the ongoing NADRA inquiry will be out soon.

Check out the video below to watch what Azaz Syed had to say:

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