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Dark web in Pakistan

Dark web in Pakistan

Islamabad: Pakistani authorities recently arrested a man in Rawalpindi for kidnapping and raping a 13-year-old boy.

Identified as Sohail Ayaz, the suspect was convicted, jailed and deported a few years ago by UK where he used to work Save the Children NGO. He had fled from Italy after being accused of providing child abuser with data related to children.

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The suspect has admitted to sexually abusing 30 child ever since he was departed to Pakistan.

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According to police the suspect used to sexually abuse children while live streaming his crime on the dark web.

While the local media has extensively reported on the issue and repeatedly referred to the dark web, it failed to explain what the term is all about.

Dark web is considered the deepest corner of the Internet which requires specific software or authorization to access.

On dark web, unlike Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media sites, users can engage in racism and hatred towards people of color and anyone who happens to disagree with their twisted views or operate with impunity even after indulging in child sexual abuse for money or other purposes.

Dark web in Pakistan rarely comes under discussion since the term is not widely known by majority of people in the country.

Following the arrest of the suspect in Rawalpindi, some people were found wondering how they can long in to dark web, unaware of the fact that they can’t access it by simply looking for them on search engines.

Internet search engines, which are governed by certain rules and regulations, do not allow websites to appear in searches that operates in violation of laws.

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