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Imran Khan ‘heart attack’ remarks show he has a good sense of humor too

Prime Minister Imran Khan has made his presence felt in New York where he is to attend the UN General Assembly session.

In the run up to his speech, Khan has had plenty of opportunities to talk about Pakistan, Kashmir and Islamabad’s relations with India and other countries.

The former cricket hero has emerged as the most searched world leaders on the internet during the UNGA session.

Clad in traditional Pakistani Shalwar Kamiz, the Pakistani prime minister has spoken with such conviction that even his opponents can’t help praising him.

Before his meeting with US President Donald Trump, the Pakistani leader was invited for a talk at the Council on Foreign Relations where he spoke his heart out.

He speeches had prompted ever his opponents to to praise him.

Khan was not known for having a good sense of humor but when he expressed his thoughts about how he feels while being at the helm of affairs in a country like Pakistan the audience broke into laughter.

While talking about the situation in which he has found himself, Khan told audience “you know, as someone who has taken over Pakistan thirteen months ago, faced the biggest economic crisis in dealing with that, we have a problem in Afghanistan, trying to settle that.

We are worried about what would happen with Iran and Saudi Arabia, the United States. So one border with Iran, the other Afghanistan, and now with India. I think I’ve got enough on my plate right now. What would you do if you were in my position? You would have probably had a heart attack by now.”

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