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India’s greenest metro: Here is what Pakistan needs to learn from its neighbor

India’s greenest metro: What Pakistan needs to learn from its neighbor

Pakistan launched its first metro bus project in Lahore and is due to inaugurate Orange Metro Train soon.

Other projects were launched in Rawalpindi and Multan while Peshawar Metro Bus project has lingered on despite devouring millions of rupees.

Our eastern neighbor India has also launched some Metro Train projects which should serve as an example for Pakistani authorities while planning such projects.

One particular Metro project in india will leave you surprised.

Below is the text from a video on a India’s greenest metro project that would lead to you believe how India is far more better than Pakistan when its come to use of solar energy and mass transit projects:

“India’s greenest metro not only ferries commuters, it also produces electricity.

It runs not in Delhi or Mumbai,but in Nagpur Maharashtra.It meets 65 percent of its energy needs from solar panels placed on train roofs, from solar panels placed on roof of metro stations, railway tracks, depot boundary walls, depot sheds.

With the capacity to produce 14 megawatt solar energy the excess power is added to the national grid. The Rs.8,86 crore Nagpur Metro project is not the only “green metro” in India.

Delhi metro receives 60 percent of its energy from solar plants in Madhya Pradesh.

It plans to run all its operations on solar by 2021.

But the Nagpur metro is India’s fastest to become operation.

Started in 2015, the project took just 27 months to complete.

This report was written by Indian journalist Anaya Ramyani while Melanie Ciais worked as the video Editor.

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