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Khabarnaak host Ayesha Jahanzeb highlights media workers’ ordeal in Urdu News article

Khabarnaak host Ayesha Jahanzeb has penned an article for Urdu News, highlighting the state of affairs in Pakistani media in an analogical manner.

The popular late night comedy show host in her article wrote a conversation between a servant (Sharfu) and his owner who is unwilling to pay his salary on the pretext of financial crisis.

The Khabarnaak host penned the ordeal of an ordinary worker goes through when he/she is not paid their salaries on time.

The write-up from the famous anchor came amid the crisis which has seen thousands of media workers go unpaid for several months now.

While anchors, who are believed to be paid huge amounts on account of salaries and other perks, have rarely called out the media bosses for their unwillingness to pay their workers, journalists have long called out the management of their TV channels and newspapers for non-payment of salaries.

It was not the first time a Geo anchor has highlighted the issue. While Khabarnaak host Ayesha Jahanzeb chose to highlight the issue in a subtle way, hosts of Geo Pakistan Huma Amir Shah and Abudllah Sultan on more than once occasion made sarcastic remarks about non-payment of salaries.

Huma Amir Shah and Abdullah Sultan on the sets of Geo Pakistan morning show

The only difference between Ayesha Jahanzeb and Huma Amir Shah and Abdullan Sultan was that the hosts of Geo Pakistan spoke about it on their morning show live on TV.

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