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‘N. Korean’ hackers launch malware attack on Indian nuclear power plant

New Delhi: Indian authorities have confirmed that one of country’s nuclear power plant’s network has been infected with maleware created by North Korean hackers.

The reports about the KudanKulam Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP) being attack by a dangerous malware emerged on Twitter on Monday.

The matter came to light when Pukhraj Singh, a former security analyst for India’s National Technical Research Organization (NTRO) first tweeted ” Domain controller-level access at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant. The government was notified way back. Extremely mission-critical targets were hit.”

His followers were taken aback when they saw that Singh had originally pointed out the suspicious activity in September.

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Pukhraj Singh’s latest Tweet came more than a month after his first post went unnoticed.

According to local media, the reason his tweet went viral was because just days before the same power plant had an expected shutdown of one of its reactors. It was not immediately clear whether the malware had anything to do with the shutdown of the reactors.

A report claimed that maleware was developed by North Korea’s elite hacking unit called Lazarus Group.

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