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Pakistan minister draws world’s attention to Indian leaders’ use of Nazi salute

Islamabad: Pakistan on Monday drew world’s attention towards Indian ruling party leaders’ use of Nazi salute.

Taking to Twitter, Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazri said when the use of the salute which Germany Nazis used is banned in Germany, Australia and others parts of the world, why world’s government’s are unwilling to take notice of the same salute being used by India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Paty (BJP).

“Use of this salute is illegal in modern Germany and Australia. It is also considered a criminal offence in modern Polan and Slobakia.

So why is it Ok for the BJO who helm India’s Government to use it?.” her tweeted read.

The minister’s posted was captioned, “European govts should answer this question!.”

BJP is accused of using strong arm tactics against Muslims in Occupied Kashmir and parts of India.

The Indian government is also accused of depriving Muslim minority of their constitutional rights.

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