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PPP MNA gets corrected after mixing up names of Gen Asim Munir and Gen Sahir Shamshad

Islamabad: Pakiatan Peoples Party (PPP) MNA Naveed Aamir Jeeva mixed up names of new Army Chief General Asim Munir and new Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Sahir Shamshad on Thursday.

During a National Assbly session, the lawmaker took the floor to congratulate the two officers on their appointments.

“I would like to congratulate Sahir Munir Sahib,” he started by mixing up names of Asim Munir and Sahir Shamshad.

He was immediately interrupted by his fellow MNAs to draw his attention towards the mistake he had made.

But another gentleman, Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur, sitting in the next row turned around and quipped, “Tum Ne Tu Gaand Maar Dee” (You’ve completely fucked it up”.

The video of the speech and the correction from the PPP MNA went viral, leaving people in stitches.

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