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Punjab Textbook Board criticized for presenting Malala as hero

Lahore: Members of a political party and its social media supporters are criticizing the Punjab Text Book Board for projecting Malala Yousaf Zai as a hero in school books.

The objection was raised after the picture of the Nobel laureate’s was published along with country’s founding fathers and prominent Muslim figures of the Indian sub-continent.

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Reacting to the inclusion of the girl education activist’s picture, a Twitter user Maleeha Hashmey wrote, “Presenting Malala as a hero like Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, Aziz Bhatti in the books of Punjab Text Book Board is deplorable”.

“Remember: kids try becoming who they idealize,” she added without giving any reason as to why she would object to publication of Malala’s picture in school books.

Another user, while sharing a picture of the text book carrying Malala’s picture, wrote, “Does she deserve to be in this list? Big NO from my side.”

Defending Malala, Baji Please, a popular Twitter account, wrote, “Obviously not! But this doesn’t mean we need to be critical of her all the time.”

Abdullah Sultan, the co-host of “Geo Pakistan” morning show wrote, “Why is that the supporters of a particular political party always try to discredit, demean Malala more than others? It certainly is that one common trait.”

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