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Russian Consul General’s laughter leaves Pakistanis confused

Karachi: A Russian diplomat’s laughter in response to a question whether Moscow agreed to sell cheaper oil to Pakistan on Imran Khan government’s request has left people confused.

While Imran Khan’s critics think the Russian Consul General Andrey Fodorov mocked the former prime minister’s claim about getting discounted oil, his supporters think the diplomat’s remarks vindicated Khan who visited Russia on the eve of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

A Pakistani reporter asked the diplomat whether Russia was ready to provide cheaper oil to Pakistan as claimed by Imran Khan’s minister.

Fedorov broke into a laughter before answering that Russia was bargaining with it’s friends. “We can take some steps.But trust me I am not the person who is authorized to say yes we can make these discounts.”

TV anchors Shifa Yousafzai and Moeed Pirzada were prominent among those who called out their fellow journalist Dr Danish for ‘wrongly interpreting’ the Russian diplomat’s statement.

After his visit to Russia, Imran Khan was removed as the prime minister of Pakistan through a no-confidence motion.

Following his removal, Imran Khan has been holding rallies across Pakistan and telling his supporters that he was ousted as a result of a US regime change conspiracy.

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