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Trust nobody! Aliza Sehar’s video serves as a lesson to Pakistani women

People are calling on the government to take notice of Aliza Sehar’s purported viral video which reportedly forced her to try to take her own life.

Commenting on the clip, many social media social media users especially women said the alleged video of Aliza, who is known for highlighting rural life through her videos on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, should serve as a reminder that they should not share their private videos and pictures with anyone.

They were of the view that the person who shared the compromised video of Aliza breached her trust.

They said that the unknown man behind the leak had not exposed her body to the world but ended up revealing his true face instead.

Female social media users have been urged to be cautious while using mobile phones and do not share their private photos in the weak moments no matter how much trust they have on their partners.

In the video below Aliza Sehar’s father speaks in the Punjabi language about how his daughter achieved success:

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