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TTP may recruit Imran Khan’s supporters in KP, warns expert

Islamabad: The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) may recruit former prime minister Imran Khan’s supporters as a crackdown continues against them, said a former intelligence official.

The concerned was voiced by Shaukat Javed former Director General of Intelligence Bureau (IB) and former Inspector of General Punjab Police.

He said whether the government was aware or concerned about the enhanced efforts of “TTP to go all out for recruitment of disillusioned and alienated youth primarily in KP under the prevailing political crisis? If TTP succeeds in such efforts it will create more difficulties for our counter terrorism efforts in coming months. A scary scene is developing which is not being countered by concerned LEAs.Time to act now before its late. The sooner political meddling is stopped and resources diverted towards real problems the better it is.”

Lt. General Ghulam Mustafa, a renowned defence analyst, agreed with Javed and said, Shaukat Javed pointed out a “real and present danger about which whatever goes by way of our governments are not worried at all. In fact they are exacerbating the situation by allowing political instability to grow at much faster pace.”

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