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Wilfrid Laurier University: Apathy over bullying forces Pakistani student to commit suicide in Canada

Islamabad: An 18-year-old Pakistani student at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford Canada committed suicide after bullying.

Raffay, a student of BS Computer Science, came to Canada just  four months before taking his own life.

His sister Umama said, her brother was aggressively bullied by his own friends.

Umama said, “Rafay’s class fellows made embarrassing videos of him which in Rafay’s words were “really uncomfortable.” Afterwards, they made them viral in his circle and ridiculed him. Rafay who suffered from social anxiety was provided such a toxic environment that he wanted to escape that place.”

She said, “He repeatedly told them that he will commit “suicide.” The university administration despite being informed repeatedly, paid no heed. Unfortunately, he shared all of this with his best friend in Pakistan.”

“He did not share it with his family, obviously thinking that he cannot disappoint his parents after trying so hard to move abroad. I will never stop wishing that he would just share with us what he was going through. We would have sold everything to get him back,” she wrote on Twitter.

She said, “Unfortunately, now we have to get his dead body back. We want justice for our brother. This suicide was forced on him.”

Umama also attached what she said “only a few pieces of evidence which hint about the said embarrassing videos being recorded and circulated.”

She demanded Prime Minister Justin Trudeau take notice of the matter.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to bring the teenager’s body back to Pakistan.

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