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‘Crime in space’: Astronaut Anne McClain faces NASA investigation

Crime in space

New York: Anne McClain is a NASA astronaut accused of committing a crime on earth from space.

She has been accused of hacking her estranged husband’s bank account from the International Space Station.

The complaint against her was lodged by her husband Summer Worden whom she married in 2014 and became step mother to his son.

The allegations against her “outed” her as a gay woman. That made her the first openly gay astronaut.

Anne McClain is a decorated astronaut who has received multiple medals for her services.

She serves in the US Army and uses call sign “Annimal” which dates back to her rugby days.

She also uses the call sign in her Twitter handle @AstroAnnimal.

Anne McClain was the flight Engineer for Expedition 58/59 to the International Space Station.

The world was left in shock after media broke the news about an alleged crime being committed from space.

The allegation levelled against her instantly became topic of discussion all over the Internet, with some users voicing support for her while others chose to criticize the astronaut.

According to reports, NASA has launched an investigation into the first alleged crime.

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