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Indian Air Force should be proud of pilot Abhinandan Varthaman: Ex-ISI officer

ISLAMABAD: A former ISI officer on Wednesday called Abhinandan Varthaman a professional, graceful and honorable fighter pilot of the Indian Air Force who was captured by Pakistani forces after his aircraft was shot down.

 “IAF should be proud of Abhinandan” said Asad Munir who has served Pakistan’s principal intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorte (ISI).

Brigadier (retd) Asad Munir called for the pilot to be treated well in custody by Pakistan and repatriated as soon as possible.

“Respect, honour and dignity he deserves,” said Asad Munir.

Senior journalist Ejaz Hiader wotre on Twitter “the Indian pilot, Wing Commander Abhi Nandan, seems like a solid soldier, calm for someone who was shot down and had to bail out. during his “interview” he was also perfectly within his rights to decline answering some questions. let’s hope he is reunited with his family soon.”

He, however, added that the Indian pilot’s weapon should be given to the Pakistan Air Force pilot who brought down the Indian aircraft as souvenir.

“He deserves to have it and the story with it for his children and their children.”.

Social media users have praised Pakistan Army for giving respect to the pilot that an officer deserves after a video of the Indian officer was released in which he is seen drinking tea and talking to Pakistani officers.

Pakistan shot down two Indian warplanes a day after its airspace was violated by Indian Air Force.

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