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Jamie Foxx on Pop Smoke’s death: ‘Another senseless killing of us’

Condolences are pouring in over the killing of the US rapper Pop Smoke who was allegedly killed in an attempted robbery on Wednesday.

According to Los Angeles Police a man was shot at his home and later pronounced dead hours before the deceased was identified as the young American rapper.

Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Chance The Rapper, Yasmin Evans and many other took to social media to mourn the death of the emerging star.

Actor Jamie Foxx also wrote an Instagram post which accompanied a photo of Pop Smoke, calling the rapper’s death a “senseless killing of us”.

The Django Unchained actor also mentioned his recent encounter with the young singer during which the Instagram picture was taken.

“Wow just chopped it up with this young black man… just another senseless killing of us… Black history month to boot… RIP @realpopsmoke #gonetoosoon,” he captioned the photo.

Check out Jamie Foxx’s Instagram post:

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