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Mohsin Abbas Haider accuses wife of lying and being dishonest

Lahore: “I belong to a household where women are respected,” said actor Mohsin Abbasi Haider, rejecting allegations levelled against him by his wife on Saturday.

Fatema Sohail had accused him of beating her and cheating on her while she was pregnant.

While he rejected the accusations and offered nothing to explain whether he had an extra marital relationship, Haider levelled counter allegations against his wife.

Fatema Sohail had not only accused him of beating her and sleeping around, she had also posted pictures of her with torture marks visible.

According to Geo News, Mohsin Abbas Haider said : “A few months after the wedding, we both had realised that this marriage should not have happened.

“A few days after our wedding, her lies started to surface,” he alleged. “She used to tell me she was going someplace but went to another place.”

Haider said his father-in-law was a witness to her lies. “When his daughter’s lies were caught, he told me, ‘Son, even God forgives one sin.'”

The actor levelled series allegations against his wife and accused her of lying and being dishonest.

“I never brought my personal life into the media. She often used to do this. I just want to tell why we are at this point of divorce,” Geo News quoted him as saying.

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