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‘My Next PM’: Mehwish Hayat asks fan to vote for her in 2028 election

Mehwish Hayat is exploring the beauty of Istanbul along with her family thee days.

The actress keeps posting pictures from her holidays on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

While some fans remain confined to seeing the pictures, others go on to press the like button or share her pictures on their timeline by retweeting them.

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There are some who leave a nice comment to express their admiration. Hardly any of them get any response.

But there exists few who leave celebrities with no option but reply.

Mehwish Hayat came across one such fan on Wednesday, When she shared her pictures with her family from Istanbul. A comment from a fan elicited a quick response from the “Main Punjab Nahi Jaon Ge” actor.

The fan on Twitter was so impressed by one of her poses that he admired her by calling her his “Next Prime Minister.

” Totally my next PM ,” wrote the user, prompting the actress to reply to his funny comment.

” Make sure to vote for me in 2028 then .. lol,” Mewhish Hayat said jokingly.

After seeing the notification that Mehwish Hayat had replied to his comment, the legend struck again.

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