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Sandal Khattak murder reports FACT-CHECKED

Social media users in Pakistan on Monday circulated rumors that TikTok star Sandal Khattak was allegedly murdered.

The most prominent Twitter account that shared the unconfirmed report was of Sania Abbasi, a YouTuber with thousands of followers.

Abbasi, who is also followed by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Maryam Nawaz, on Twitter shared a picture of Sandal Khattak with an Urdu language caption that read “There is a report regarding Sandal Khattak’s murder. Can anyone confirm this?”

The rumor was rejected by her followers who posted screenshot of Sandal Khattak’s recent activity on another social media platform Bigo Live.

The screenshot showed Khattak interacting with her fans at the same time as rumors regarding her alleged murder started swirling.

Hence, the reports regarding Sandal Khattak are incorrect and users nmust refrain from spreading FAKE NEWS.

Sandal Khattak rose to fame with her appearances on TikTok videos along with controversial TikToker Hareem Shah.

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