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After pitting PTI against army, Adil Raja starts new campaign against Pakistan

After pitting the country’s most popular leader and his party against the powerful military establishment, Major (retd) Adil Raja has started a new campaign against Pakistan.

The fugitive former military officer is asking overseas Pakistanis to stop sending money to their country in order to put further economic pressure on Pakistan.

Adil Raja claims his campaign is aimed at forcing the government to call early elections.

He has been the PTI and Imran Khan’s main source of information about the military.

Although the fugitive former officer has never briefed Khan directly, insiders claim he was the source behind most of the information the former prime minister got from his aides.

And it was his information that has been the basis of the PTI strategy against the army.

The sources said some senior PTI leaders have been expressing reservations over Adil Raja’s influence on the party leaders.

The PTI leaders hold him responsible for misleading not only the young workers but also the top leadership of the party.

Major (retd) Adil Raja is known for spreading fake news and conspiracy theories with no evidence.

His tall claims about his sources within the military has led PTI supporters to trust him without any question.

Major (retd) Adil Raja has recently turned against PTI leader Ali Haider Zaidi and a couple of other party figures and accused them of colluding them with the military establishment.

Saner voices in the PTI are convinced that he has made a fortune out of lies he spreads through his YouTube channel.

They also believe that Imran Khan, while acting on the advice of PTI hawks, have brought himself into a blind alley and sent hundreds of workers behind bars in the recent crackdown.

Major (retd) Adil Raja has recently found new allies in the form of former TV anchor Moeed Peerzada and Wajahat Saaed Khan.

He has also been in contact with Imran Riaz Khan, Makhdoom Shahabuddin and other YouTubers who care more about their YouTube earnings and less about the hopes people of Pakistan have pinned on Imran Khan and his party.

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