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Eid-ul-Fitr 2019 to fall on June 5 in Pakistan after moon-sighting on 29 Ramadan: expert

Karachi: Eid-ul-Fitr 2019 would most likely fall on June, 5 as Shawwal moon is expected to be sighted on June 4.

There are less likelihood of moon-sighting on June 3 in Karachi as moonset is expected to happen within a minute after sunset.

Here is why Professor Dr Shahid Qureshi, former director of Karachi University’s Institute of Space and Planetary.

Astrophysics says new moon’s birth would take place on June 3 on 28 Ramadan at 3:02 local time. Moon would be 4 hours and 16 minutes old on that day.

The moon would disappear within a minute after sunset.

In Peshawar,the moon would be 4 hours and 19 minutes old on June 3, 28 Ramadan and it would set below the horizon 2 minutes and 16 seconds before the sunset.

He said moon-sighting would be possible on June 4 across Pakistan since it would be visible above the skyline an hour after sunset with 11 degree altitude.

He said Eid-ul-Fitar would fall after 29 Ramadan.

According to the experts, for moon-sighting it is essential that moonset takes place after sunset and its crescent must be several degree high.

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