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Mattia Polibio leaked: TikToker’s fans concerned over rumors

Mattia Polibio‘s 800, 0000 fans were left wondering when rumors emerged that he has got some pictures and videos leaked online.

The teenage TikToker is famous for his lip-sync, comedy and duet videos and vlogs.

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Although it was not clear what sort of pictures or videos of the US based TikToker has been leaked, reliable sources said it was the kind of stuff which his followers or anybody else for that matter is not supposed to see.

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Many internet and Hollywood celebrities have been subject of cyber-attacks lately, with some prominent figures like Bella Thorne and Amanda Amanda Seyfried having their private pictures leaked on social media.

Mattia Polibio’s girlfriend Jenna

A Youtube video of the young TikToker is also doing the rounds in which he is allegedly seen girlfriend Jenna.

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