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New petition against Cameron Herrin fails to draw support

Florida: Multiple petitions have been launched on change.org to “get justice for Cameron Herrin, a 21-year-old sentenced to 24 years in jail for killing an Ohio mother and her young daughter in a 2018 traffic crash.

Thousands of people have signed the petitions asking US courts to review the “harsh punishment” handed down to Herrin.

But another petition has emerged online with a request to “take down “Justice for “Cameron Herrin” petitions.

Launched by Tyler D’Agostino, the petition addresses police in Tampa Bay where the incident took place in 2018.

The petition says, “Cameron Herrin, a 21 year old male out of Tampa, Florida, was illegally street racing without a license and killed a 24 year old woman and her daughter. He is being sentenced to 24 years. People have made other petitions to try to get “justice” for him even after he committed 2 counts of vehicular manslaughter, street racing, and driving without a license. This petition is an attempt to take those idiotic petitions down and get justice for the victims of his incompetence.”

The petition seems to have drawn support from people as it had managed to get only 127 people to sign it.

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