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Prince Harry Alleges Tabloid Media Portrayed Him as a ‘Thicko’

Prince Harry has made accusations against tabloid newspapers, specifically Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), claiming that they have portrayed him in derogatory terms such as a “thicko” and a “cheat.” During his testimony in court, Harry released a witness statement where he highlighted his teenage years, stating that he played into the headlines, leading to a negative impact on his well-being.

Moreover, Prince Harry revealed that his voicemails were unlawfully intercepted, resulting in a deep sense of mistrust towards others. He asserts that journalists engaged in unauthorized methods to gather information, an allegation that MGN refutes.

In his written statement presented at the High Court, Prince Harry accused the tabloid press of constructing alternative and distorted versions of himself and other members of the Royal Family. He argues that the media outlets assigned roles to individuals, including him, in order to sell more newspapers. As the “spare” to the “heir,” Harry claims he was portrayed as the “playboy prince,” the “failure,” the “drop out,” and, in his specific case, the “thicko,” the “cheat,” the “underage drinker,” and the “irresponsible drug taker.”

Prince Harry is one of four individuals pursuing legal action against Mirror Group Newspapers, joining Coronation Street actors Michael Turner (professionally known as Michael Le Vell) and Nikki Sanderson, as well as Fiona Wightman, comedian Paul Whitehouse’s ex-wife. The claimants allege that unlawful means were employed to obtain information for news stories and assert that senior executives within MGN must have been aware of these practices but failed to intervene. MGN, however, denies these allegations.

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