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PUBG season 13 release date in Pakistan

PlayerUnknwon’s Battleground or PUBG is as popular in Pakistan as in any other part of the world.

But only problem the game aficionados face here is they are often clueless about when the next season of PUBG lands in Pakistan.

Currently most of the game enthusiasts were observed wondering about the PUBG season 13 release date in Pakistan.

One thing they do need to know is that telling the arrival and end date of each PUBG ranked season is not quite difficult since they had a similar duration from 2 and half to 3 three months.

Moreover, Bluehole shares each date before the end of the current season on social media and their website.

They also give the estimated duration beforehand but it is often subject to change.

According to a gaming website, PUBG season 7 will run for 12 weeks between April, 21,2020 and July ,14, 2020

Every new season arrive on console a week later.

So PUBG fans who have been asking for season 13 release date in Pakistan can hopefully now figure out dates for any seasons to come in the future.

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