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Queen Elizabeth’s death: what does rainbow over Buckingham Palace mean?

London: A double rainbow appeared over the Buckingham Palace just before the death of Queen Elizabeth II was announced on Thursday.

Millions of the late Queen’s followers and admirers can find solace in the fact that a  rainbow is seen as sign of encouragement in many religions and cultures.

While a rainbow is a natural phenomenon most of the people, others people believe it is a sign that their loved one is at peace. 

In western culture some people believe that rainbow is a sign that the storm will soon end.

This symbolism comes from the story of Noah’s Ark in the Bible.

 This believe stems fro the Bible which says  After the great flood, God sent a rainbow to Noah on his ark to let him know that he can go forth without fear. 

Many people believe that seeing a rainbow after the death of their loved ones means that the deceased is at peace in Heaven. 

Others think that their our loved one is currently watching over them.

For some people rainbow is a sign of a new beginning after a loss.

From a spiritual standpoint, It also symbolizes hope and sign of a higher power. 

In many cultures rainbow is seen at a funeral means the person who died is in their next destination. 

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