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Shia cleric Allama Mazhar Hussain Najfi accused of sexual abuse

Islamabad: A day after Mufti Azizur Rehman was remanded in police custody for sexually abusing one of his students at a religious school in Lahore, a Shia cleric Mazhar Hussain Najfi has faced similar allegations online.

Internet users are circulating a purported video of the cleric in which he is seen sodomizing a man. Faces of both the men are not clearly visible as the video appeared to be made by someone who was hiding in a room next to them.

Screenshot of the video

While Allama Mazhar has not reacted to the allegations, his supporters said on social media that the video does not feature the cleric.

The latest scandal comes on the day controversial Sunni cleric Mufti Qawi became top trend on Twitter after his private video surfaced online.

Allama Mazhar Hussain Najfi -File photo
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