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Symptoms of Candida auris, Can it kill you and Can be treated with drugs

The symptoms of Candida auris typically involve a persistent fever and chills, even after treatment with antibiotics. However, diagnosis can be challenging, as other illnesses share similar symptoms, leading to frequent misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment. A definitive diagnosis of the fungus requires a specialized lab to confirm its presence through blood or infection site samples.

Candida auris can lead to fatalities, but the statistics are not precise, with the CDC estimating a mortality rate of 30-60% based on limited patient data. The presence of additional serious illnesses may also contribute to the risk of death.

Although echinocandins are the most commonly used antifungal drugs to treat Candida auris infections, many cases have shown resistance to the main three available classes of antifungals. Consequently, doctors must administer multiple high-dose drugs to patients, with varying degrees of success.

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