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This True Geordie leaked message (DM) highlighted people’s disrespect for privacy

Renonwed Youtuber True Geordie has been a source of inspiration for thousands of people on the Internet.

But he too, like many other celebrities, has been at the receiving end of criticism over some “inappropriate” act which he was accused of indulging in.

True Gerodie’s leaked Directed Message (DM)), was reportedly made public by a girl in August 2019 taking the Internet by storm.

The leaker , however, was accused of trying to ruin his reputation and career with message leak.

Some of his supporters believed that a girl tricked him into sending her lewd message and then exposed his private DMS online.

The leaked DM purported to show True Gerodie opening up about his fetish for feces.

While many people voiced support for him and attacked the person behind True Geordie leaked DM, a huge number of people mocked him for what they called his weird sexual fetish.

According to studies, the obsession with feces is linked to scatology.

People with these sexual fetishism are sexually aroused by fecal matter, whether in the use of feces in various sexual acts, watching someone defecating, or simply seeing the feces.

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